Made for the Global Game Jam 2019 with the theme: What does home means to you.

Home is where the Shell is!

Explore, stay alive, and find the home that's right for you! 

WASD to move SPACE to pick up and drop

Hannah Rose - Technical artist, Animator, Developer
Cedrine Pradier - 2D Artist, Concept artist, Art direction
Christa Cooke - Developer
Kristin Murray - Developer
Chelsey Webster - Level Designer, Developer
Elie Abraham - Music


Home is where the Shell Is - 27 MB
Home is where the Shell Is - 27 MB


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Cute 3D World and Nice Mesh Texture

Amazing sound effect. Great visuals.


hhhhhhhh i SCREAMED when the game loaded because i was so blown away by the absolutely incredible aesthetic. THIS IS SO CUTE!!! SUCH A GOOD LIL CRAB!!! ✨🦀✨


Such an adorable tiny beast!