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will you update?

Cute image of its preview and starting-image, same for it's cool title which fits perfectly to that crab. When heading to the game/loading it, and clicking the "quit"-button, it gets marked but won't make any difference (nor getting the option of continue clicking anything in-game, just a tab's refresh on webbrowser will work in that case, but also kind of "fakes"/increases the upcounter for played-games too)?

Awesome graphics when moving that crab within the game or setting a new home. Somehow I can walk through that "smoking?" blue-plant, while I like the possibility of not passing through stones or green leaves, etc. and moving sticks out of its way looks cool, same for the objects that can be used as shelter too.

The music/effects sound okay, fit to the game but could maybe vary in audio to be more unique in style? I like the hovering fish and clichee-objects underwater, and the crab's shell of the main-screen with added hearts looks cool too, also in reference of looking for the perfect home that fits in shape and mirrors someone's personality, mood and even offering possible cover for pals.

Cute 3D World and Nice Mesh Texture

Amazing sound effect. Great visuals.


hhhhhhhh i SCREAMED when the game loaded because i was so blown away by the absolutely incredible aesthetic. THIS IS SO CUTE!!! SUCH A GOOD LIL CRAB!!! ✨🦀✨


Such an adorable tiny beast!